Happy National Dog Day! Here’s How You Should Celebrate!

It’s National Dog Day, when you’re supposed to appreciate and spoil your pup.  Here are a few quick stats and facts to help celebrate.

1.  71% of us have had a dog at some point in our life.  Only 56% have had a cat.

2.  Purebred dogs are the most popular now.  39% say their most recent dog was purebred . . . 17% said a crossbreed, like Labradoodles . . . 23% said mutt . . . and 21% have no idea which category their dog falls into.

3.  Americans are more than twice as likely to describe themselves as a “dog person” than a “cat person.”  49% said dog person . . . 21% said cat person . . . and around 30% don’t have a preference, or love both.

4.  A survey of dog owners found the dogs that are most likely to misbehave when they’re home alone are greyhounds . . . Dalmatians . . . bulldogs . . . beagles . . . and Siberian huskies.  Pomeranians and golden retrievers also made the top ten.

5.  The five most common bad behaviors are chewing things like shoes and socks . . . going to the bathroom inside . . . stealing food . . . shredding any and all types of paper . . . and jumping up on things like the sofa, or your bed.

6.  Here’s a weird one:  A poll this week asked people to rank the best “wedding outfits” for dogs.  Number one is a collar with a ring box, so they can be the ring bearer.  A custom suit is next, then a bow tie, a floral collar, and a bandana.

7.  Only 6% of us have a fear of dogs, but that’s still more than cats at 3%.  The animals we’re most afraid of are snakes and spiders.

8.  86% of dog owners tell their dog “I love you” at least once a month.