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Nothing changes around your day like a good haircut! Instead of Carlos Santana and Rob Thomas’ “Smooth” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Hair-Do!”

Ohh, when my hair is Long,
And looking wilder than an Amazon,
I mosey over to the local Beauty Salon,
and Say: “Make me Look Cool“
My Stylista, Like Sweeny Todd but Less malicious
Certified Wizards with Scissors
As She Foot Cranks my Stool, Yea

And then she says: “What STYLE we goin’ for?”
Curtain BANGS? Corn Rows, or Pixie Cuts
She can change your life, with just a SNIP or two…
Ohhh, brand new Hair-do

Give me your follice lotions, your Bottles of Moose
Lay Me Backwards in a sink & rub my head with Shampoo
Your Beauty Products GOT Essential Oils INFUSED, yea!
Cut Off my Locks, with your shears, I need a Hair stylist!

(Bzzzz) (Bzzzzz (Bzzzz) (Bzzzz) (Bzzzzz)

We talk the whole time…
You want the Gossip, she’s a Diamond Mine!
Your Buzzing clippers sending chills,
Up through my spine, and over my scalp, yea
You Got the Right Hands,
To make me look Just like Rachel from Friends,
And when you turn me in my chair, it feels like a dance
Spinnin’ me Round & Round…

While Keeping My head, so still and motionless
As I stare, Into the Mirror & Watch
you glow up, my Life
and give me the same do, Ohhh As Kim Jung Un

She Keepin’ Up Conversation, Talking so Smooth
Until I find myself unloading every secret I Knew
My Therapists all quit, but least my Barber sticks through ya!
Blow Dry my Layers, and my Tears
says I’m her FAVORITE client!

“Sooo Jeff, what are we doing today?”

So i was kinda hoping to do like… Fusion Style… of like a Ron Burgundy Gentleman… but with a Joe Dirt Flair, you know?

Like I wanna try something totally new & different than i’ve ever done before… but also… like basically keep it exactly the same as it’s always been

And When the Session is Over, I’m Pampered & Groomed,
Gonna need some Ibuprofen, Lookin’ PAINfully Good!
Get Ready for my Payment, cuz my tip’s always huge yea,
Next Day, the Magic Disappears
How did she Freakin’ style it!?

I need my Hair stylist, now
A Hair Da Vinci Artist, yea
Using Paul Mitchell Products! yea,
Don’t Drink the Bluish Liquids, No, no…
I love my hairstylist

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