We hear they’re big fans of our show and we’re even bigger fans of them! This one goes out to all the sanitation engineers and garbage collectors. Instead of Doja Cat’s “Get Into It (Yuh)” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Get Rid Of It Yuck.”



Say you got alot of junk?!
Get rid of it, yuck!
Smelling like a skunk? (ew!)
Get rid of it, yuck!
Bag it like a lunch,
Hefty full of gunk
Take it out into the front,
Toss that bin into it, Yuck


And they’ll come & pick it up
Get rid of it, yuck
Heroes on a truck
Looking real tough
In a shiny vest & gloves
Walkin’ with a strut
And when ya hear the “Beep”
It means they gonna back it up!


You just wanna tidy,
You just want a Champion,
You just want somebody come & empty out your Trash Bin
You can feel that “Big Truck Energy” next to your home, Ma’am
Watchin’ dirty videos of Garbage men on “Only Cans”
Truck is getting close, I can hear the engine grumbling
Seven blocks away, and still my mailbox rumbling
When you see their biceps curling cans, it’s humbling,
Housewives pulling out their phones, get to “Bumbling”


See ‘em showin’ up
Get rid of it, yuck!
5 Year olds are pumped!
“Oh boy, Here they Come!”
Tossin’ up the double thumbs
As they pick it up,
Iron Man goes limp next to Trash Collector, Chuck!


Take your bag of chicken guts
Get rid of it, yuck!
Moldy Pizza Huts
Get rid of it, yuck!,
Stale Cocoa Puffs
Really sticky stuff
Put your junk into their trunk
and they’ll take to the dump!


This job, more dirty than the bars in Tijuana,
This job, more dirty than Martini extra olive,
Smells like Teen Spirit, and i do not mean Nirvana,
Grabbin’ buckets, like they the Final Four Gonzaga
Watch ‘em knock about the bins, along the curb outside your Casa!
They go faster, than a Quickie
In a room, at The Ramada
Down the sidewalk, just like Fozzie Bear they Walk-a, Walk-a, Walk-a
Grab a lid and rip the roof
off of the Home of Grouchy Oscar!


Pick it up,
Get rid of it, yuck!
They will never judge
Digging through your stuff,
Brownish bag of sludge?
I Think it’s day old Guac?
Lookin’ “Derelicte”
Put the Gucci into Grunge


Give the streets a “glowing up”
Get rid of it, yuck!
Clean it like a Sponge
Take it to the Dump!
Don’t get paid enough
clearing out the muck
To show a little love,
kiss a garbage man with tongue
(mwah, mwah, mwah, mwah)
Thank you, Sanitation!
See you Next Week…


You the big trash talker


Get rid of it, yuck
They will pick it up
Get rid of it, yuck