The series finale of Game of Thrones aired last night on HBO and it’s gotten plenty of mixed reviews from fans about the way it ended. Aside from the show being over, a few have spotted another continuity error in the show.

After the coffee cup was found on the show, during last night’s episode fans spotted a water bottle near Samwell Tarley’s feet.

You can see the water bottle again during the same scene, but this time it’ll be near Sir Davos Seaworth and his feet.

Now there was no specific logo or brand attached to the water bottle. If there was, some more free advertising could have been gained out of the series. Apparently Starbucks gained about $2 billion dollars in free advertising during the whole coffee cup incident (even though it wasn’t actually a Starbucks cup!)

Have you ever caught these types of incidents in other television shows and movies? Why do you think this kept happening during Game of Thrones?

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