The Flintstone House has been a Bay Area landmark for years.

The unique looking house sits comfortably on the Hillsborough hillside…

In full view of the traffic on 280 through San Mateo County.

And now, the owner is in some pretty hot water.

According to SF Gate, the local government is less than thrilled with the owners.

They’ve filed an official complaint…

Calling the Flintstone House a “public nuisance”

And also alleging that multiple modifications made to the property were done so without the proper permits.

You may remember in 2017, when the house was last purchased, a herd of Dinosaurs mysteriously appeared on the lawn…

And a giant sign that said “Yabba Dabba Doo”

Yeah, the town of Hillsborough says the owner didn’t get the right permit for that.

And also, apparently, other modifications, too.

Like a retaining wall, steps, and other improvements to make the outside more amenable to parties.

Honestly, the “you don’t have a permit” complaint is like textbook hoity toity Bay Area silliness.

Sounds less like an actual complaint…

And more like the neighbors are upset they’ve never been invited to those parties.

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