Even if you’re not big on Halloween, of course Young Jeffrey is still gonna write a song for you! Instead of The Weeknd’s “Save Your Tears” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Face Your Fears”

A Haunted Mansion, and a witches broom,
Will leave a stain, in my Fruit of the Looms
So long ago, I saw “The Hills Have Eyes”
Now when I sleep, I leave on all the Lights

Halloween night, I’m so afraid
Ghosts floating by on Rollerblades!
A Baby Vampire, in a Shopping Cart
I dropped my bag, and left that Quickie-Mart
You say he’s a two year old, but i don’t care,
See his head, Spinning on a potty chair

I’m Terrified, on Halloween
Saw Penny wise, in a Sewer Drain!
(“No, That was, a baseball”)

When kids come by, wantin’ Milky Ways
I kill the lights, close the shutters,
Pray those Kids, turn and walk away
Hold breath In, hide behind the shades


They put up cobwebs, in our Office Space,
I turned around, and took my Sick Days.
The Costume contest was a chilling sight,
To see Coworkers in their sexy tights
I dont know why, you’re all so OK
With bloody knives, saws, and finger blades?!

Scare me stiff, when I’m on a date,
Let’s go hide, beneath the Covers!
Can’t call you “Boo”, so I call ya “Bae”
No Ghost til Halloween is over,
Hear My Screams, from a Scary Place
Frankensteins Home Depot Display,

I had to flip, the Channels on TV
“Charlie’s Great Pumpkin”, had some Scary Scenes

I Shut my Eyes inside, a Burger King
cause the cashier was wearing Bat Wings,
Face your fears, on this Holiday
Blood stain smears on this Microwave
“Oh wait, that’s Marinara sauce. Nevermind”

Thriller vid’s, stuck on autoplay!
Cold Stone is serving Spider Cakes!

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