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Mail Carriers: Always working LONG hours in SHORT shorts. This one goes out to you and all your hard work! Instead of Enrique Iglesias’ “Bailamos” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Envelopes!”

Every day I will Bring You
All of your Parcels, (doorbell) / (knock knock)
Just not on Sundays

Drive a White Van
I’m Your Friendly Neighborhood Mailman
Ladies Getting Warm…
Drooling at my Light Blue Uniform

And if the Address is Right,
Open your Mailbox so Wide
Guess What I’m Putting inside?

ENVELOPES! Every Morning I Deliver ENVELOPES!
And the Pills for your LIBIDO!
You Should Know,
I Never Judge the Dirty Magazines You Own!
Go tell Marvel, We’re the Postal, SuperHeroes!

I Go Door to Door,
Even thru a Category 4 (*Thunder*)
Rain, Sleet, or Snow…
They Really make me earn my PTO
And if I Slip on some Ice
Caught on your Ring Cam Device
My Footage Goes Viral Online!

Comfy Socks! And My Shoes are Orthopedics
Cuz I walk!
My Calves are Thicker, Than Burritos!
Happy Thoughts…
Cuz these Stamps Will Last Forever,
Once They’re Bought!
Bring Your Mail as Rapido, as a Snail!

(Whoa, oh oh oh) I’ll bring you Coupons
(Whoa, oh oh oh) For Deals you don’t Need
(Whoa oh oh oh) I Whisper thru door screens
“Can You Sign For this Package?”

Envelopes! If it says “Return to Sender”
Something’s Wrong!
Some Apartments, Smell Horrible
Plug My Nose!
I’ve got a Tenuous RElationship with Dogs
Oh they Nibble, At my Knees

ENVELOPES! All the Pre-Approved Credit Card
You could Want!
Since Our Logo’s, A Bald Eagle, I Peal Call! (Eagle Screech)
Gotta RAISE that Tiny Flag on
Your Mail Box!!
Any Weather, Any Season, Got your mail!

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