Encanto already has several heartbreaking moments.

And it was almost even more heartbreaking.

According to Digital Spy, a new deleted scene has been revealed, tying together two of the most gut-wrenching moments in the entire film.

After the Casita is destroyed, and Mirabel disappears, Abuela goes off to find her.

In the version on Disney+, Mirabel and Abuela reconcile at the side of a nearby river…

The place where Pedro, Mirabel’s grandfather, and Abuela’s husband, lost his life.

In the newly discovered deleted scene, this powerful reconciliation happens in the town Abuela originally fled.

The two find a mural for Pedro, with his quote: “to love at all is to love entirely”

Its at this moment where Abuela makes her apology to Mirabel:

“I chose to leave this city and because of that choice, my husband died. After I lost him, I was so afraid, I couldn’t bear the thought of losing anyone else”

DigitalSpy notes that this apology, combined with the brilliant “Dos Oruguitas” would have been extremely powerful.

The Encanto magic just keeps coming!

A few weeks ago, director and co-creator Jared Bush revealed a wonderful deleted post-credits scene, featuring Chipsi, the adorable Capybara.

Encanto is still Disney’s biggest movie since Frozen.

While Disney has not indicated whether or not the film will be getting a sequel…

It’s a fair bet that some kind of content will be coming soon!

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