Ed Sheeran may be taking an 18 month long break from music, but that’s not stopping him from working on other big projects like opening up a bar.

Ed along with his business partner, Stuart Camp came up with the idea of opening their very own pub called, “Bertie Blossoms” which he named after his wife, Cherry Seaborn.

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The pub is located at the Notting Hill watering hole in London. The pub has it’s own Instagram page, sharing photos of the location as well as the food & drinks that will be served.


Ed actually also has his own private pub at his home that also has a secret maze which connects the two together. The idea was inspired by Lord of The Rings director Peter Jackson’s home design.

We’ll have to make stop at Bertie Blossoms if we’re ever in the area. Congratulations Ed!

If you could have your own business, what would it be?

Story via TimeOut.com

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