Dating can be hard.

One of the hardest things about it isn’t actually finding someone to go out with, it’s the all new dating vocabulary words used to DESCRIBE dating these days.

Dating site, Plenty of Fish have put in their predictions for dating trends to look out for in 2020.

  1. Cause-playing: When a casual relationships ends, but the person ends up coming back asking for a simple favor. 61% people say it’s happened to them.
  2. Eclipsing: Where you say you share the same interests and hobbies at the person you’ve dated, pretended that you liked the same things all along. 45% have done it.
  3. White clawing: Staying with someone who you find boring, but find them to be attractive. 27% people have admitted to doing this.
  4. Yellow carding: Calling someone out for bad dating etiquette. 27% did this.
  5. Dial toning: It’s basically pre-ghosting the person. When someone gives you their digits, but ignores every call and text you send it out. This happened to 60% of people and 35% have done it to someone.

Have you ever had any of these dating trends happen to you? 

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