eBay is celebrating International Women’s Day in the best way.

By launching a store dedicated to women.

Specifically, superpowered women.

According to eSellerCafe, the new shopping service is called “Superheroine HQ”

eBay teamed up with comic book writer (and all-around LEGEND) Gail Simone and illustrator Cat Staggs.

The store is offering a special selection of comics, merch, and collectibles.

And they’re all featuring women heroes!

Simone explained in a press release:

“I believe these fantastic women can inspire readers everywhere to the limits of their imagination and creativity.”

Cat Staggs is also releasing a special edition Superheroine poster for the store:

Some of the merch is pretty sweet, too!

Stuff like limited edition comics, action figures, and swag bags, art, and other collectibles.

Some of it is pretty pricey, but it’s all amazing.

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