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Walt Disney plans to tap into all five senses, adding the smell of fresh beignets to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure when the former Splash Mountain attraction returns after an extensive makeover.

Disneyland visitors will smell the sweet scent of beignets frying while waiting in line at Tiana’s Bayou Adventure when the attraction opens later this year.

Disneyland uses machines called Smellitizers to pump scents into attractions.

Smellitizers in Disneyland’s Candy Palace and Candy Kitchen release the scents of baked goods and sugary confections in to the air.

They also pump musty smells into the Haunted Mansion, smokey odors into the Pirates of the Caribbean and ginger scents into the sushi restaurant scene in the Monsters Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue ride.

Disney received a patent in 2001 for a Smellitizer system.


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