Are you looking to get more organized and clutter free at home? Or maybe you’re just feeling weighed down by all the stuff you have…

Well, get your notes ready, because this might help you de-clutter your place.

Here are 24 things that a professional organizer would toss out without having to think twice about keeping it or not.

  1. Refrigerator magnets
  2. Flimsy kitchen utensils
  3. Broken cleaning tools and items
  4. Storage solutions you no longer use
  5. Your secret stash of things like plastic clips from bread bags, emptying out glass and plastic jars.
  6. Random freebies
  7. Writing instruments that no longer work
  8. Reference materials
  9. Out of date trip memorabilia
  10. Expired items
  11. Hobby supplies you don’t use anymore
  12. Out-dated technology such as VHS tapes, floppy discs, old school phones (unless you put them to good use, keep ’em, but if not it can save you lots of space if you get rid of them!)
  13. Things that need “to-be-fixed”
  14. Random parts for discarded items
  15. Unmatched items
  16. Donation bags (actually donate the stuff you’ve had sitting in your trunk for the longest time or at home!)
  17. Awards and trophies
  18. Knick-knacks that are collecting dust
  19. “Improve me” items – things that you’ve purchased but never really use, such as a smoothie maker or exercise equipment
  20. Gift wrap scraps
  21. Extra clothes hangers
  22. Vases
  23. Random papers
  24. Junk mail

What items have you recently gotten rid of?

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