Imagine Dragons is going off the grid, but just for a bit.

Lead singer of the band, Dan Reynolds shared that he’ll be taking a break from the band so he can focus on his family and raising his kids.

We don’t blame him, life on the road can be tough!

The band has been on the road for almost a decade and shared with CNN that all the members are taking a break.

“We’re trying to take some time off right now just to reconnect with family and friends. And I mean, we were on the road for really a decade straight. So all of us were just wanting to rediscover what it means to be, you know, a dad or a friend or a son. Especially because I had a newborn and our guitarist has a relatively new child as well, so we’re trying to just be dads and then, you know, when the itch comes up, i’m sure we’ll be back out on the road pretty soon.”

Imagine Dragons has been working so hard the past couple of years and they deserve some rest and of course, spending time with their loved ones.

We’ll still be here waiting patiently for some new hits!

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