Going to a Disney park a universal love all over the world.

No matter who you are, at one point in your life you’ve dreamed of going to one of their parks.

Just not all of them.

According to USA Today, that wouldn’t be a feasible goal anyway.

Apparently, someone actually did the math.

And calculated exactly how much it would cost…

To visit all 12 Disney Parks and the 2 Disney Water Parks.

The end result, as you’d imagine, is pretty costly.

To visit every part of the Walt Disney World Resort and offerings in Florida, it would run you about $2,157.87

Disneyland in Anaheim (including California Adventure)? About $1,181.55.

Disneyland Resort in Paris would run you about $1,320.17

If you add in all the other parks, it all adds up to around…


Which sounds… actually, pretty doable. For one person.

Here’s the thing. That doesn’t include the cost of the flights to each of those locations.

For a round trip flight to Tokyo, for example, that’s about $1,500.

A flight to Paris? A bit more costly. $2,500.

Shanghai? About $2,000.

Hong Kong is a bit cheaper, averaging at about $1000 per trip.

Thankfully, a flight to Florida is MUCH cheaper.

Only about $500 round trip.

And if you want to get really silly and FLY to Anaheim (Seriously?)

That’s about $200.

The total of your trip, including tickets to each park plus airfare…


And that’s not counting how much you’d have to spend on meals, transportation (which isn’t always included in your package)…

Oh, and by the way.

That’s just for ONE PERSON.

You might need to double the cost for two people.

And taking the whole family could skyrocket that cost.

So basically, it would make a nice item for your bucket list.

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