Nobody likes to bring their children to work.

Sure, “Bring Your Kid to Work Day” happens every year on April 25th

But it’s almost always trouble.

Younger kids get into everything. Older kids complain about being bored.

The parents are often stressed, and their coworkers are annoyed.

It’s lose/lose.

But you might start seeing more toddlers at your workplace.

According to KTVU, California lawmakers are mulling over a new bill.

Titled “Bring Baby to Work”

It essentially allows state workers to bring their children to their place of employment.

The stipulation is that the child has to be between 6 weeks and 6 months.

Or until they’re able to work.

Assemblyman Randy Voepel, R-Santee explained:

“It’s so important for young families to bond with their infant”

Indeed, the child’s first few weeks, months, and years of life are so incredibly important for their mental, physical, and developmental well-being.

Nobody’s going to argue against that.

In fact, it seems a bit silly that there needs to be legislation to allow this kind of thing.

But… there’s gotta be a better way to go about this.

Like subsidizing daycare costs for needy families.

Or, even better, significantly more maternity and paternity leave for all parents.

You know, like other, successful countries do?

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