Halloween is right around the corner and Burger King is ready for the spooky season.

The chain has messed around with food coloring during Halloween, releasing a Halloween Whopper with a black bun back in 2015. This black bun actually ended up turning people’s poop GREEN.

Last year, they made a black cherry Fanta slushie that also turned people’s poop different colors like black, blue and green.

This year, Burger King is staying away from the color black with their brand new “Ghost Whopper” which is just your regular old whopper but with a WHITE cheese-flavored bun.


Will it turn your poop a different color? No one knows just yet.

But these whoppers are only available in 10 stores starting October 24th until October 31st.

The nearest place you can try the Ghost Whopper is an hour away in San Francisco. Not sure if we want to drive out there just to try this thing. Especially if it’s gonna turn our poop into a different color! HAH!

Would you try it?

Story via Delish.com



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