WARNING: Spoiler alert! 

Some Breaking Bad fans are still debating about the very last scene in the show about Walter White.

Is this guy actually dead? Is he still alive?

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All these questions have been lingering with fans for years and there’s even been many theories proving both options are possible.

While discussing the new Breaking Bad spinoff movie El Camino, creator of the show Vince Gilligan set the record straight about Walter White’s fate once and for all.

During his appearance on the Rich Eisen Show, Vince has confirmed that,

“Yes, Walter White is dead.”

He may be dead, but there’s still a chance we can see Walter in the new movie, but we’re predicting that those scenes may just be flashbacks.

What did you think of the show’s ending? Do you prefer Walt to be dead or were you a fan of a few theories talking about how he was alive?

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