The San Jose Sharks got some very important help on their game on Tuesday.

And while they didn’t need it to beat the Oilers…

It was still the bestest thing ever.

Every dog with a job is the best dog.

Heck, any dog without a job is also the best.

All of ’em are the best.

And this one is the bestest, too.

According to the NHL, the doggo’s name is Bazil, and he has a very important job.

He’s a bomb-sniffing dog.

And it turns out, just like every pup, he loves ice.

Specifically, the ice in the SAP Center.

Tuesday night, the Sharks were busy destroying the Edmonton Oilers…

And it was during the first intermission that Bazil saw his opportunity.

He snuck onto the ice, and had a play.

Bazil rolled around and frolicked.

Much to the joy of everyone at the game.

Needless to say, someone deserves a raise.

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