Interstate 5 might be the most boring highway in California.

Long, seemingly endless stretches of agriculture and mild hills.

But it’s about to get a lot more interesting.

According to CBS Sacramento, one lawmaker has proposed eliminating the speed limit on the famous stretch of road.

Well, kind of.

It’ll be a single lane that will have no speed limit.

Built into the language of the bill, a provision that would add an extra lane to I-5.

That’s the one that would be the designated “fast lane.”

The other two, older lanes would still have the 75mph speed limit.

And as cool as that sounds… there’s a bit of a problem.

One, it’s only just been proposed, so the change wouldn’t go into effect for a few years.

Two, the lane still needs to be built. And it’s going to cost a lot.

And lastly, the most important problem of all:

California drivers are terrible.

You already know someone is going to cause some nasty, fiery crash within the first week of the lane opening.

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