Rent in the Bay Area is too darn expensive.

RentCafe says the average cost of rent in San Jose alone is about $2730 per month.

(Though honestly? That sounds like a super, duper low estimate)

In San Francisco? It averages out to about $3609 per month.

Which is why it’s not surprising that Big Tech is starting to get involved.

According to Mission Local, a new startup is advertising a fund-raising opportunity for hapless renters.

The opportunity to monetize their home.

But there’s a catch.

You’d have to let people stay in your house during the day.

The company’s called “Cobo”

And their mission is to bring freelance office workers into people’s homes.

Think of it kind of like AirBnB, but for freelancers.

(No, the other kind of freelancer)

Some hapless office worker would do their job in your kitchen.

Or dining room.

Or living room.

Possibly in your spare bedroom (what are those?).

And they’d pay you per day for the opportunity to have that space.

And honestly? On the surface? It sounds kind of okay.

You get paid to just let someone use your unused space.

Using your bathroom.

Possibly eating the food in your kitchen.

Definitely not snooping around your house when you’re not around.

Yeah. Gross. Hopefully nobody’s this desperate.

Bay Area rent is bad enough without Tech companies literally sitting in our living rooms.

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