When you’re in school, taking tests is the worst.

Aside from the fact that everyone makes you feel like your entire future hinges on one crummy test…

Some of the “required” tests just take way too long.

It’s kind of a drag.

That’s no wonder so many students just straight up skip them.

Now, one Bay Area campus is doing something about it.

According to SF Gate, Palo Alto School District has been struggling with test attendance.

Superintendent Don Austin says only 40% of Palo Alto students took the state tests.

California requires 95% participation rate.

So they came up with an idea.

They’re going to reward students who take those standardized tests.

Specifically, Palo Alto High juniors who take those tests will be entered into a raffle.

The prizes?

SF Gate quotes an email forwarded to parents from the assistant principal:

“Through a raffle, students will be able to win student parking permits for the 2019-20 school year (which usually cost up to $100), athletic passes for the 2019-20 school year, 2018-19 yearbooks or VIP parking passes to the 2019-20 graduation ceremony… Regardless, all students who complete all of the testings will win one item of Paly ‘swag.'”

California school assessment tests are mandatory…

But students can opt out if they get their parent to write a note to the school.

Apparently, the Palo Alto School District has struggled to keep up with the high number of parental notes.

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