The current heatwave has brought unseasonably hot temperatures to the Bay Area.

While sidewalks sizzle under unbearable heat, one town just recorded their highest mercury reading yet.

And it just so happens to be the hottest in Bay Area history.

Bay Area city breaks temperature record

According to SF Gate, the National Weather Service says Livermore just broke a major meteorological record.

On Labor Day, the city reached approximately 116 degrees Fahrenheit.

Not only is that the highest in the city’s history.

It’s also the highest recorded temperature anywhere in the Bay Area.

The SF Chronicle noted that Fairfield also reached 116.

Meanwhile, Gilroy recorded 112 degrees, the same high as last year’s record.

Santa Rosa recorded 112 as well.

Unfortunately, the heat isn’t the only worry.

Temperatures cause thousands of power outages

Several PG&E transformers throughout the Bay Area have reportedly overheated and failed.

With temperatures continuing to rise, and more and more Air Conditioning units being put on full blast, the power grid is running at maximum capacity.

In conjunction, the state has issued Flex Alerts to help avoid these outages.

Consumers have been asked for the 7th consecutive day (as of Tuesday), to conserve power during the hours of 4pm and 9pm.

As of Tuesday night, several thousand customers were without power as the peak of the heatwave began.

NBC Bay Area quotes Elliot Mainzer, president of the California ISO:

We have now entered the most intense phase of this heat wave… Forecasted demand for Monday and Tuesday is at all-time record levels, and the potential for rotating outages has increased significantly.

According to NBC Bay Area, PG&E is going to attempt to alleviate further outages by planning strategic 1 to 2 hour-long blackouts.

The utility provider says they’ve contacted nearly 525,000 customers who may be impacted by this.

And with temperatures continuing to stay well over 100 degrees through Friday in San Jose…

You can expect these alerts will continue.

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