There are many coffee shops all over the world giving coffee lovers their daily coffee fix.

Little did you know, one Bay Area city earned the title for, “Best U.S City for Coffee Lovers.”

That city is Berkeley!

A new study from Apartment Guide did some research in finding where you can find coffee fanatics. The study,

“analyzed the number of coffee restaurants per resident.”

It showed from the stats that Berkeley has one coffee spot per 2,073 residents coming out to a total about 59 coffee shops in the area.

The Top 10 U.S Cities with the most coffee lovers include:

1. Berkeley, CA ( 1 per 2,073)

2. Vancouver, WA (1 per 

3. San Francisco, CA (1 per 

4. Seattle, WA (1 per 2,308)

5. Portland, OR (1 per 2,322)

6. Salt Lake City (1 per 2,387)

7. Minneapolis, MN (1 per 2,427)

8. Pittsburgh, PA (1 per 2,607)

9. Everett, WA (1 per 2,752)

10. Ann Arbor, MI (1 per 2,825)

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