South Bay commuters are going to have to wait about 10 years longer for the downtown San Jose BART extension to open.

First reported by The Mercury News, the Valley Transportation Authority services (VTA) has announced that it will delaying BART in downtown San Jose until 2030.

The original plan was to have the BART services up and running in downtown San Jose at the start of 2026 but there have been new estimates and delays on when to launch the transportation system into the South Bay. There are also plans to create new tunnels without having any extra disruption on the streets.

BART Silicon Valley business operations and communications director, Bernice Alaniz mentioned that,

“Rather than doing cut-and-cover and tearing up major runways, which impacts commuters and businesses, this will be done off-street.”

Bernice also mentioned that there is a chance that the schedule may change rather than just having BART in downtown San Jose delayed even more,

“How as we further in design, there may be some efficiency gains.”

On a brighter note, VTA’s BART stations in Berryessa and Milpitas are scheduled to open by the end of this year. 

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