Babies are now hopping on the rave train.

Baby Rave, in Oakland is a popular dance party daytime event for kids under the age of 4.

The Bay Area Children’s Theater artistic director, Nina Meehan mentioned that there was no problem selling tickets for the rave even though it’s not heavily advertised,

“We only do one a month, but they sell out instantly. It’s become the most popular thing that we do.”

Edward Hazzard III (DJ E.T) has hosted the Baby Rave events for the  theater from the beginning when it first opened up back in 2016.

There are similar kids raves in the United Kingdom and as well as New York and Atlanta. So it’s starting to blow up.

Tickets are only $7 for children 3 and under. Babies who are 1 and under get into the rave for free. What a steal!

Each Baby Rave happens one Sunday each month at 3903 Broadway in Oakland.

For tickets and more information about the Baby Raves click here.

Would you bring your kids to a Baby Rave?

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