Commutes: some people love them (you get to listen to the radio longer during the drive time) and some people HATE them. Especially here in the Bay. You can live 10-15 minutes away from work and still get there in about 30-40 minutes instead.

Well, new information from the U.S Census Bureau found that commute times hit a NEW all-time high record.

They found that American residents average commute was 27 minutes one way last year.

Now this adds up to 20 minutes a week and 17 extra hours PER YEAR.

To sum it all up, the U.S Census Bureau found that the average person spends about 225 hours commuting in a year.

What are a few causes to longer commute times?

  • Overpopulated cities
  • Cities not having enough housing space, causing people to move farther away
  • Places not spending money on roads/transportation services (making drives longer and difficult)

How long is your average commute time? 

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