Ariana Grande has had a pretty rough couple of years.

But through it all, she’s been kicking major butt.

And now, she’s going to show the universe who’s boss once again.

According to USA Today, the “Thank U, Next” singer will be performing in Manchester once again.

It’s been 2 years since that horrific incident that claimed 22 lives and injured countless more.

And Ari’s been dealing with the aftermath of that ever since.

Now, she’s headlining the Manchester Pride event this summer.

Her tour will be significantly different this year, however.

Ariana has been quick to point out online that fans should expect a heavy security presence.

She’s even encouraging fans to invest in see-through bags, just in case.

NME quotes the singer as explaining:

“Security is going to be very precise and smooth but for sure super strict”

You can see her at the SAP Center 5/2

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