Full House actress Lori Loughlin is accused of paying half a million dollars to get her daughter accepted into college. But it turns out her character on the show would never have fallen for such a scheme.  Full House fans have found a 1993 episode of the show called “Be True To Your Preschool” that seem oddly relevant today. In it, Loughlin’s Aunt Becky stops Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) from lying to get their toddler twins into an ‘elite preschool’.  In the episode, Uncle Jesse claims the twins speak multiple languages and play musical instruments. According to court documents, Loughlin and her husband claimed their daughters were star recruits for the USC rowing team.  Another episode of the show includes Uncle Jesse stealing the SAT answer book to feed answers to DJ Tanner. Faked SAT and ACT scores were also part of the alleged scam