Hamilton tickets are worth more than gold.


Tickets to see the show in San Francisco this summer are between $350 and $1000.

Now just imagine how priceless the tickets are for the special show Lin-Manuel Miranda is putting on for the benefit of Puerto Rico.

Might be a bit out of your price range.

But it turns out, there is still a way for you to go…

For free.

According to Travel and Leisure, JetBlue is going to hook you up.

The airline has partnered with LMM to get you in.

You basically just have to sign up on the airline’s website…

And they’ll choose 5 lucky winners at random.

Yep. So basically exactly like the regular Hamilton lottery.

Only, this time, you get free airfare to the show…

Free hotel stay in San Juan…

And a free flight home.

Oh, and you get to see Lin-Manuel Miranda in the Tony Award-winning role that made him a household name.


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