Tara Shambaugh of San Jose released a ‘7 Rings’ mom parody video. She’s using the video as a platform to raise relief money for Cyclone Idai that hit Mozambique. Her original goal was to be on Ellen but after the cyclone hit her goal changed to raise money. I had no idea this cyclone had even happened until I watched her video.  Tara was well aware of Cyclone Idai since she and her husband served as Peace Corps volunteers in the affected area.
This is by far the best mom parody video I’ve seen.  The lyrics are hilarious and the video production is top notch.  And even though it’s called a mom parody – as a dad of young kids I can relate to so much of this.
Hopefully, Tara will continue to make these amazing videos and will one day end up on Ellen!

You can donate to the Cyclone Idai Relief Fund by clicking here.

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