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No summer road trip is complete this summer without this new anthem! Instead of Shaboozey’s “A Bar Song” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “A Car Song!”

My Family’s on a Road Trip
We been Crammed in this Car Since Dawn
Playing so much music
Til we Sick of Every song
We Drove a Couple Hours,
Then my Mama Screamed Somethings Wrong!
Dad had to Make a U-Turn
We forogt my little brother John

One Mile Long Traffic Jam & Bound to be more
Now, Some would call us Lost, He would rather say “Explored”
Good Times, There’s More

Drove across the River Mississippi
Picking up that Hitchhiker Was Risky
Said he’s banned from every Park at Disney
Kicked him out, when he Asked about my Kidneys

Stop at EXIT 45, there’s a, Mc-Ds!
Everybody in the car Get McCrispys!

Driving thru a Mountain Pass
Tell my Dad to hit the gas
Nature’s Calling real Fast!
(Oh Lord)

Ain’t no Bathroom stops Around
Miles From the Nearest Town
Left a Present on the Ground

Fun, Playing “I Spy” couple times & got Bored…
Take a Family Photo at the Palace of Corn,
Give the sign, for the Trucker Guy to Pull on his HORN!
One Time, Two More

Cruisin’ by the Dairy plant where they Make Cheese
Maybe True, But that Smell is from your Two Feet
Playing Slug-Bug, Til Somebody hit me
Start a Roadhouse Brawl up in the Backseat!

Got my Mom’s Face, Looking Kinda Woozy
She Never Shoulda bought, gas station Sushi!

Fun, Driving thru this land where the Eagles all soar
Maybe Roll the Windows Up & Lock the Car Door,
Cuz we’re Not in DC yet, Still in Baltimore
Oh my, Good Lord

Every Night, gonna stop Along the Journey
Find a Cheap Motel, that’s kinda Murder-y
Television Only Goes to Channel Thirty
Took a Shower but, Somehow felt more Dirty

Living off of Oreos & warm String Cheese
Like the Oregon Trail, but more Misery
Someone Famous Grew up here
Big Whoop-Dee
World Largest Churro Lives a Couple Miles East!

Summer Road Trip, Ended Kinda Sadly
Took the Tesla, Forgot to Charge the Battery

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