880 is one of the worst commutes.

Well, okay. Actually all Bay Area commutes are terrible.

But sometimes, 880 feels like it’s especially bad.

Monday afternoon, things were down to a standstill…

And it turns out, there was a bizarre reason behind it.

According to KTVU, the major backup in Hayward wasn’t because of an accident.

Or even just too many people on the road.

It was because drivers were stopping, getting out of their cars…

And collecting flying… money.

Apparently, the money belonged to a family who lived near the highway.

They were driving back from a funeral…

And began throwing wads of $20 bills out their car window…

To honor their deceased relative.

While they didn’t exactly give a definitive reason…

(The family explained “It’s an Oakland thing”)

It still caused quite the stir on the road.

Over $500 in $20 bills were spilled onto 880.

The Bay Area’s expensive enough.

Drivers must have thought Mother Nature was giving them a hand.

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