This Labor Day weekend the Bay Area is going to be HOT. Especially the south bay where we’ll see highs in the triple digits.  So a great plan for Saturday will be to hit an air-conditioned movie theater for National Cinema Day, and see a movie for $3!!

The Cinema Foundation is a non-profit of the National Association of Theater Owners, and they announced their nationwide discount day for more than 30,000 screens.  AMC and Regal Theaters are participating, as well as some IMAX theaters.  And it’s probably a very good idea to buy tickets in advance.  You could even see the re-release of Jaws on the big screen!

Tickets will be no more than $3 for every showing, in every format. But there’s still tax.

Maybe a whole day at the theaters with the kids?  It’s affordable! 🎞️🍿🥤



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