Trying to find an affordable Bay Area apartment is hard enough.

Now try finding one for your pets.

No, not for you to live… with your pets.

But for your pets.

According to SFGate, a young woman in San Jose was under a conundrum.

She has two cats.

The problem:

She’s going off to college, and can’t have her pets with her at the dorms.

So she did the most “peak Silicon Valley” thing ever:

She started renting a small Bay Area apartment…

Specifically for her cats.

Granted, it’s a studio apartment, so it’s not very large.

And at $1500, it’s actually a steal for the area.

But at the same time… that’s still pretty big for two cats…

And she could probably save a LOT of money if she had friends/family that could keep an eye on them.

We need a new billboard on 101 that says:

Welcome to San Jose: where it’s so expensive, people rent out homes for their pets.

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